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“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”

With a history since 2011, Global Bugs is now entering a new phase and is setting up our brand new R&D cricket and black soldier fly (BSF) farm, just outside Hua Hin in Thailand.

Presently we have started the casting of the foundation which will be finished in July. Thereafter, the building for farming and processing of crickets and BSF will be constructed. Beside this, machines and necessary equipment are ordered, ready to be installed when the R&D farm is ready for production.

With focus on R&D and the right balance in feed for the best protein quality we will be able to produce 8,000-10,000 tons / month with a start in the 4th quarter 2017. For wholesale customers and partners, we presently work directly with old customers in Asia and Australia, but discussions are also held with new customers in EU and US as well.

The new R&D cricket and BSF farm is a result of long hard work, analyzing the potential to breed crickets and BSF in a more advanced manner, compared to the present old-fashion farming methods.

“It is a big moment says Rickard Engberg, Chief Innovation Officer at Global Bugs and for all parties participating in the project”.

Rickard further says that “since the beginning of 2011, the team and I have put a lot of effort to make this happen, and to finally see the first modern farm being built, is very emotional”.

Since the forming of Global Bugs in June 2016 and the concept of our future full scale EntoPark™ taking place, things really speeded up. In just a couple of month we got the basic funding to start the construction of the R&D farm. Presently we are in close dialogue with partners and investors that will contribute to the development of the first full scale EntoPark™ that we plan to have in place by the end of 2018.

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Peter Arndt / Chief Marketing Officer

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